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What we offer? We offer 3 kinds of products:

1. Special caricature drawing

It is a special technique using colored pencils. This product is a brand new product, you can find it only at MontecCristo Art.

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2. Pencil drawing caricature

Here it is a caricature made in pencil drawing. Also this product is an amazing one, when an artist make a drawing with his hands, the draw become an unique one, it is almost impossible that 2 drawings to be the same :)

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3. Pencil drawing portraits

The portrait watches carefully your face features, so no exaggeration of the features of the person will be done. Anyway also this drawing is not an usual picture, has also something unique :) 
caricatures2 caricatures5   


The price is given by the number of persons in a drawing.

Bellow you can find out prices which we charge to draw 1 person for every product:

Special caricature drawing - 100 EUR

Pencil drawing caricature - 100 EUR

Pencil drawing portraits - 100 EUR




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