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To place an order is neccesary to follow 3 steps below:

1. Upload your picture

Upload your picture and describe if you have some special requirements for your draw :) 

2. Finish the payment

Finish the payment and we'll start to draw your caricature.

3. Receive your order



You will receive an email with your picture as soon as possible or you can choose to receive your caricature worldwide with TNT Courier. 


Number of persons in a drawing:


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Your photo should clearly show the face of the person which caricature or portrait you intend to make.
The picture must be in one of these formats :.jpg, .gif, or .png)

The file size should be less than 2 MB, taking less than 3 minutes to upload it.
The photo file is over 2 MB. What you should in this situation?
You just upload whatever photo, which is not over 2 MB at the first step of caricature ordering process. Then, in the description box, just write down some mention that you will send the real photo file to us to company e-mail. After ordering please send us the desired picture at: office@montecristoart.com

Pictures should be clearly focused. Make sure the lighting and background doesn't obscure any features of the person.

Describe your requirements

Write down any desired specific requirements that you want to appear in caricature or portrait. The painting will have little to no background.

Select your desired product:

In case you would like the changes on caricature or portrait after the caricature's completed. New requirements not found in the original instructions that may require re-drawing the entire caricature or portrait is considered a new order, and will be charged accordingly. We hope you understand our situation.

If you want to receive the drawing in hard copy, click the checkbox TNT Courier. The drawing will be send to the mailing address mentioned in the payment form.

Continuing this step you are aware and accept the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy