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montecristo art

Be special with us !!!

Who we are?

We are an experienced team of artists from Romania which, using this project, we intend to put in worth our talent. MonteCristo ART arose simply because we want that our talent to be exposed to Internet users worldwide.


Our mission

We want to bring a smile on every face :)

Having a caricature/portrait in your house represents something unique, such kind of draw have a special value, make the person(s) from the draw to be special, is not a simple picture, is something more...

So we intend to make you special, this is our main target :)

How it works? :D

It’s simple. All you need to do is to send us a photo, or photos, of yourself, your family or friends and share us which are your preferences. Our artists are famous for creating stunning caricatures, so it is a must for us that the draw to delight you.

What we offer?

We offer 3 kinds of products:

1. Special caricature drawing

It is a special technique using colored pencils. This product is a brand new product, you can find it only at MontecCristo Art.

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2. Pencil drawing caricature

Here it is a caricature made in pencil drawing. Also this product is an amazing one, when an artist make a drawing with his hands, the draw become an unique one, it is almost impossible that 2 drawings to be the same :)

caricatures15  caricatures11  caricatures8  caricatures13 caricatures5 

3. Pencil drawing portraits

The portrait watches carefully your face features, so no exaggeration of the features of the person will be done. 
Anyway also this drawing is not an usual picture, has also something unique :)
caricatures10 c19  caricatures4 caricatures12  caricatures7 

Note: With a pencil and our hands we can make everything, if you need something different than our usual products share with us and we are ready to help :)

How to order?

Go to Order Now page  and follow the steps. Also please watch here our video tutorial to have a clear view how to place an order.


We deliver your order within 5 business days (within 10 business days during holiday seasons) from the moment which you placed the order. You will receive on your e-mail a scanned copy of the draw at very high resolution.

You are able to print out your draw on whatever you prefer or you can keep it in electronic format. Also you can choose to receive a hard copy of your drawing selecting TNT Courier option, available on Order Now page.

Note: Please note that the delivery can be made in an extra time than the usual 5 business days (10 business days around holidays) of creating your drawing, so it is possible to increase the delivery period, depending on delivery times of courier company. We will do our best to send your draw as soon as possible.

Why choose us?

It is more comfortable to stay in front of your computer than to go to sit in front of an artist in a park or other place.

Here you can choose your type of the draw and also you can customize your draw giving us additional info.

Our prices start only from 100 EUR.

We do not speak about our services. Our clients do :D



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