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MONTECRISTO ART - a special place for special people :)


Do you need a special gift to impress someone? :p


Do you want to give a unique gift to a friend?


Do you want to have a portrait or caricature with you or with your family?


Want to see how a person can look in a pencil drawing ?


Our artists are ready to help !!!

All that is necessary to make is to send us a picture of the person or persons whose caricature/portrait you want to have and we will be glad to help. We are dedicated to our clients. Here you will find one of the best caricatures/portraits from photos. Satisfaction guaranteed !!!


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A caricature made in pencil drawing. This product is an amazing one, when an artist make a drawing with his hands, the draw become an unique one, it is almost impossible that 2 drawings to be the same.

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Want to have a special pencil drawing with you or your family?

A pencil drawing of a portrait it is unique formula how a person can look...

Take a look at some of our samples :)

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Do you have a favorite musician, singer, actor, politician, sportive or other public figure?

Here you can get a drawing with your favorite star or you can be in a draw with him. Send us a favorite picture with your star and you will have it in a drawing, also you can add a picture with you and be part of the draw :D

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